Bishop's Hat Napkin Fold

By: Classic Party Rentals

The Bishop’s Hat is a classic dinner napkin fold and a great addition to a formal dining table.

Follow these steps: 

  • Fold napkin into a triangle
    Lay napkin on flat surface and fold into a large triangle.
  • Form a diamond
    Position triangle so point is facing up. Take right corner and bring up to top point. Repeat with left side.
  • Next pick up top layer on right side and fold down.
    Repeat with left side.
  • Create a small triangle
    Turn napkin so layered point is facing up. Take bottom corner and fold three times.
  • Create base
    Flip napkin over. Fold right corner. Next fold left corner and tuck end into formed pocket. Form base into a circle
  • Finishing touch
    Stand napkin up and pull down flaps.