Tips to Keep your Holiday Party Planning Stress-free

By: Fox 5 New - San Diego

The holidays are a great time to bring friends and family together. Cocktail parties are a great way to celebrate; and are much easier to plan and host than a sit down dinner.

Don’t run out of ice

Sounds simple, it seems like it should go without saying but anyone who has ever hosted a party knows it can happen quickly. Remember that you will need ice to chill bottles of wine and beer and for use in cocktails. A standard guideline is 1 ½ lbs per guest. Five hours before party time, place ice and drinks in the bathtub, this will give plenty of time to chill before the party. Then you can transfer to the bar area.


Though guests will not expect a full meal, plan on having small bites. Pick foods that are best served at room temperature, this way you won’t have to worry about heating or keeping items cold.

No plastic cups

We make it quick and easy to rent glassware and we have a huge selection. It’s as easy as calling to place the order, and scheduling a delivery or swinging by to pick-up.


Take advantage of your Holiday décor. You most likely have already decorated your home for the holidays. It may be as simple as renting a few table linens or chairs to fill in what you need.

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